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Proudly serving the area

for almost a decade


commission split

60-day contracts


2 discount periods (20% on day 20 and 50% on day 40)

You won't have to schedule an appointment! Simply come in at your convenience during our consignment hours (we do not accept consignment on Wednesday or Saturday). Exceptions can always be made, so come in and discuss them with us!

Consignment at your convenience

Please bring a helper for larger items!

Email your pictures to:

  • Downsizing

  • Families relocating

  • Families working on estates

  • Charities and organizations

  • Home stagers

  • Interior designers

  • Parents moving to assisted living

  • Empty nesters moving to Senior communities

  • Dealers

  • Collectors

  • Chronic home decorators

  • First-time home buyers

  • Artists

  • Businesses with overstock

When you consign, you will receive a receipt for your inventory. Information on the receipt will include number of items, if you have an account balance, and when the consignment will expire.  It is always the consignor's responsibility to pick up their merchandise on or slightly before the contract expires!  Any inventory that sells after the contract expires goes to PIO.  

PassItOn Consignment is proud to assist in all types of situations:

Making the consignment process easy

If you have large items, the best way to get started is to send us pictures of them. Please include pictures of anything that would be considered damage (scratches, fading, rips, or stains). Let us know if there is a brand name, the age of the item, and how much you paid for it.  Don't worry if you do not recall - we will work with you to come up with a marketable starting price.


We can also assist families that need items to be picked up for consignment.  The fee will depend on how much work is involved and location.

Simple ways to manage your money with us

It is consignor's responsibility to claim account balances. We prefer not to cash out any account for $5.00 or less. We do not allow a consignor's funds to expire - many clients use their accounts like a savings club, or to indulge in a guilt-free purchase if something is calling out to them!  


PIO will issue a company check for any balance $50.00 or higher and cash payment for less than $50.00. We are happy to mail your funds (there is a $2.00 processing fee).


Once you consign your items, PassItOn Consignment does not allow them to be pulled before the expiration of your contract. If you do not desire to reclaim your property, we will donate your items to local charities.

Your relationship with us is like a partnership

  • Clean

  • Free of chips or cracks

  • Include working batteries

  • Include light bulbs and clean shades for lamps

  • Make sure items are free of tears, stains, fading, or animal hair

You may bring up to 15 clean items per visit, and you can consign as often as you need to. Please discuss if you intend to bring larger quantities to us so that we can prepare.


Please call to discuss preparations on how to consign any rug larger than 8 x 10.


Feel free to contact us with any questions!

PassItOn Consignment of Home Decor | Camp Hill, PA

As a team, we will achieve the best results if you can bring your items to us:

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2202 Gettysburg Road, Suite C

Camp Hill, PA 17011

Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri:

9:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Wed, Sat:

9:30 AM - 5:00 PM




No consignment on Wednesday, Saturday, or the last hour of any day.